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Rizal Park Launches “International Music Festival at the Musical Dancing Fountain” with Traditional Georgian Songs and Melodies
(May 26, 2013)

The  National  Parks  Development Committee  (NPDC), an  attached  agency  of the Department of  Tourism  tasked  with  managing  and  developing  Rizal Park, is launching “The International Music Festival at the  Musical Dancing  Fountain” at 7:00 p.m. on May 25 26, 2013.


The  festival, which is a  regular, year-round  event,  organized  in cooperation  with different embassies,  consulates, and  cultural centers in  the  Philippines,  aims  to showcase traditional music from around the world to Filipinos, who will be treated to a synchronized  light,  sound, and  water extravaganza  at the  Musical  Dancing  Fountain, located at Rizal Park’s Central Lagoon. Known  by  its former name “Luneta  Fountain  at the  Central Lagoon”, the  fountain was designed by German national William Schaare and was known as the “most colorful and advanced choreographed fountain in the world” from 1968 till  1986. Unfortunately, the facility fell into a state of disrepair and neglect in the years that followed. Through the initiative  of  NPDC  Executive  Director Juliet H. Villegas, however, the  fountain was restored and revamped with modern computer technology and new attractions, such as the 88-foot pulsating water jets, laser lights, and peacock spray water screens.


According to NPDC Spokesperson Kenneth Montegrande,“The inaugural presentation of the  International Music Festival at the  Musical Dancing  Fountain is due  to  the advocacy of the management of the NPDC, led by Executive Director Juliet Villegas, to bring back the old glory and grandeur of the national park of the Philippines – the Rizal Park. It  is also important for Filipinos, especially the  youth, to  understand  and  be exposed to the culture, practices, and traditions of each country.”

This endeavour also aims to instil in the hearts and minds of the younger generation the importance of exchanging cultures, traditions, and histories with other nations, not just to broaden  their  knowledge, but also  to  help pave  the  way  for good  international relations. As proof  of  its commitment to  bridge  the  gap  between  other countries,  the NPDC-led program will feature the traditional music of Georgia, in cooperation with the Honorary Consulate of Georgia, during the kick-off of the event.


Located  in  the  central  Caucasus  region,  Georgia  is  bordered  by  Russia,  Turkey, Armenia,  and  Azerbaijan,  and  abounds  in  cultural  diversity,  ancient  traditions,  history, fine  wine,  culinary  delights,  and  stunning  landscapes.  The  warmth  and  beauty  of Georgia’s heritage comes alive in the friendliness of its people and their love and zest for life, which is best expressed through song and dance.

Georgia has  an  ancient and  highly  developed  musical  tradition  and  the  talent of its people in this area  is  world-famous.   For thousands of  years, music has played  an integral part in Georgian  culture  and  pervades almost every  aspect of  their  lives frompublic holidays, sports, hunting, and wedding banquets to even military campaigns and battles. Georgia’s traditional music, which is arguably the earliest polyphonic tradition of the Christian world, is a result of the country’s location at a cultural crossroads between Europe and Asia, giving it a distinct style with a touch of Middle Eastern influences. 


On  her part, Villegas invites the  public, especially  all  the  music lovers“to go  to  Rizal Park and let themselves be mesmerized and enthralled by beautiful music from around the  world  and  the  kaleidoscope  of colors, lights,  and  sounds  of  Rizal Park’s amazing Musical Dancing Fountain.”

Admission is free and open to the public.


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